Healing & resilience

for liberation


Fireweed nurtures health, resilience and connection in individuals and communities…

…so that together we can build a world in which all are free to flourish.

By building inner safety, we grow our collective power to shape outer change.

Our name

Fireweed, the plant, is so-called because of its extraordinary ability to grow and self-seed easily in burnt ground. As a herbal medicine too it nourishes people experiencing burnout. When the world is burning, we all need a bit of fireweed magic.

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It spreads both overground through seeds and underground where it is connected by rhizomes.

Because it is adapted to fire, it can prevent the reintroduction of fire into a landscape.

It quickly establishes itself across the landscape and prevents further damage, while providing a blanket of vegetation for recovering animals to create new habitats and for pollinators to bring back diverse plants.

We aspire to be like fireweed.

We support…

  • People with any/all experiences of pain, oppression and privilege, without exception
  • Healing and/or social & climate justice organisations, to become more loving and trauma-informed, more just, and more powerful in embodying their vision and values.

We offer…

  • Herbal medicine
  • Therapy
  • Therapeutic groupwork
  • Workshops
  • Training & consultancy

We work at the intersection of personal pain and social structures. We believe these are intrinsically connected.



We choose love in our choices and actions.


We adapt how we work to meet each other’s and our own needs.


We support each other to listen to our bodies, build trust in ourselves, and make aligned choices. We practise consent.


We try to listen deeply to each other, the planet and ourselves. We support each other to find the courage to say sorry and to learn from our mistakes.


We honour and celebrate the wonder of life and the planet.

We try to…

Be like soil, nurturing the conditions for all beings to thrive and composting what is no longer needed


Attend to root causes of ill-health and violence, not just the symptoms

Cooperate, not compete – all humans and non-humans depend on each other, and together we are powerful

Rehearse a freer future (inspired by prison abolitionist Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, via Healing Justice Ldn and others)

We are available for bespoke events, including:

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.

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