We are one tiny part of a large ecosystem of collectives and organisations resourcing community health, resilience and capacity-building towards collective liberation

Accessible therapy for specific groups in the UK

Radical herbal clinics elsewhere in the UK

Radical training collectives in the UK (and their niches)

Other community health & healing resources

  • Healing Justice Ldn – organisation founded by women of colour, offering programmes and events that build community-led health and healing to create capacity for personal and structural transformation. Their website contains an archive of recordings of past events, freely accessible (donations welcome).
  • Misery Party – London-based QTBPOC mental health collective offering medicine walks and online healing spaces
  • Queercare – transfeminist community care and training around first aid, suicide prevention, healthcare advocacy and general support
  • TransActual – information on trans healthcare and rights in the UK, produced by and for trans people.

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Katherine (therapist):

I mostly work Tuesdays-Thursdays and some weekends

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I mostly work Mondays-Thursdays

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