Our experiences within social movement and trauma/abuse services teach us about the magic that becomes possible when healing spaces become more just and social justice spaces become more healing – and of the harm that can happen when they don’t.

We support community organisations and collectives to build embodied cultures that support healing and transformation. We design our training specifically for the needs of the organisation hiring our support.

Topics include:

  • Embodied resilience
  • Stress, trauma and the body
  • Supporting survivors of sexual violence
  • Supporting men’s healing and transformation
  • Supporting non-binary and transgender survivors
  • Working with people who’ve received a ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis
  • Working with people who’ve caused serious harm to others
  • Radical inclusivity in helpline delivery and management
  • Anti-oppressive practice in safeguarding
  • Disenfranchised grief
  • Sustainable resistance and regenerative organising towards liveable futures

Our rates depend on your organisation’s turnover.

Please email to discuss your needs.

Why work with us?

We combine understanding of trauma in the body and relationships with an analysis of systemic power to support organisations to navigate complexity and embody their vision and values, here and now.

Our lens on the intersections of healing, harm and social transformation is informed by some decades’ combined experience of delivering, managing and training trauma healing services, and organising within grassroots social movement.

Those experiences and our ongoing self-education around politicised somatics have taught us that sustainable and effective transformation requires engaging the (individual and collective) body as a whole, not just our thinking minds.

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